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Fifa 19 player ratings

An association football video game, FIFA 19 is indeed a popular one. The game play is having all 20 Premier League as announced by EA sports. There are new features included in FIFA 19 and they are active intelligence system, new attacking technique, physical player overhaul and set piece rewrite. The all new player ratings of FIFA19 are always a huge draw and this is the reason for plenty of fans opting for it.

FIFA19 – Player ratings for the best Goalkeepers:

Goal keeper position is a most important position in the football sport. The role goalkeeper is to prevent the opposition team from successfully moving the ball over the defended goal line. We will now see the best Goalkeepers in FIFA17 and they are Neuer (overall Rating 92), De Gea (overall Rating 90), Courtois (overall Rating 89), Buffon (overall Rating 898), Čech (overall Rating 88), Lloris (overall Rating 88), Oblak (overall Rating 87) , and Handanovič (overall Rating 87)

FIFA19 – Player ratings for the best Defenders :

A defender in Football is an outfield  player whose main duty is to prevent the opposition team from scoring. There will be four types of defenders and they are centre-back, full-back sweeper and wing-back. In FIFA 17,  having fast, reliable and strong defenders is important. Though it is little disappointing since not a single Premier League defender makes it to the top position in FIFA17. We do have best defenders and will have a look at the list. They are Boateng (overall Rating 90), Ramos (overall Rating 89), Silva (overall Rating 89),Pepe (overall Rating 88), Lahm (overall Rating 88), Godín (overall Rating 88), Chiellini (overall Rating 88), Alaba (overall Rating 87), Bonucci (overall Rating 87), Hummels (overall Rating 87)  and Marcelo (overall Rating 86)

FIFA19 – Player ratings for the best Midfielders:

The Midfielders main job is to draw opposition players out of their position  and  create space to be exploited by team mates. You will be able to find some great players irrespective of the club that you manage in FIFA 17 career mode.  Hence, knowing the best player can help you to choose better. The best FIFA 17 midfielders are Özil (overall Rating 89), Modrić (overall Rating 89), Pogba (overall Rating 88), De Bruyne (overall Rating 88), Iniesta (overall Rating 88), Godín (overall Rating 88), Reus (overall Rating 88), Kroos (overall Rating 88), Hazard (overall Rating 88), Rakitić (overall Rating 87) , Busquets (overall Rating 87) , Vidal (overall Rating 87) , Silva (overall Rating 87) , Rodríguez (overall Rating 87) , Robben (overall Rating 87) , Payet  (overall Rating 86)and Matuidi (overall Rating 86).

FIFA 19 – Player ratings for the best Wingers:

An attacking midfielder in a wide position is called a Winger. A winger’s main job is to support attack from the wings. Find a young and speedy winger so as to set you up for many seasons. You will be able to find many young talent but picking the best is the toughest part.Shall we have see the list of best wingers in FIFA 17?. They are Ronaldo (overall Rating 94), Messi (overall Rating 93), Neymar (overall Rating 92), Bale (overall Rating 90), Sánchez (overall Rating 87) and Di María (overall Rating 87).

FIFA 19- Player ratings for the best Strikers:

Choose a young and promising striker to enhance your club value in FIFA 19. Bringing a promising stricker can definitely saves you from spending loads of money in a few seasons time. Here we are with the list of best striker so that you can choose wisely. They are Suárez (overall Rating 92), Ibrahimović (overall Rating 90), Lewandowski (overall Rating 90), Agüero (overall Rating 89), Griezmann (overall Rating 88), Higuaín (overall Rating 88), Müller (overall Rating 87), Benzema  (overall Rating 87) and Aubameyang (overall Rating 86).

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